“Justyna is a trustworthy and reliable person. She completes tasks given to her within the deadline and works well in cooperation with others. She is a kind and open person who is level-headed in times of crisis; she is able to calmly assess the situation and find a feasible solution to the problem. Justyna is a person of the very highest character.”

T. Gładysz, Director NKJO Wrocław



“She offered ideal support and undertook all of her tasks appropriately. She identified well with the group and its work.”

Agata Niewczas
Customer Management
+48 71 3770 275
+48 600 904 289
Kaufland Supermarkets Poland Ltd.
aleja Armii Krajowej 47
50-541 Wrocław



“You can count on Justyna; she carries out her tasks with the minimum of fuss. She is a conscientious, trustworthy and competent person. She is also friendly and extremely personable.”

Iwona Sienkiewicz
President of the Board
St. Jadwiga Foundation, Dortmund- Wrocław- Lwów