Frequently asked Questions

We can recommend you medical specialists such as dentists, plastic surgeons, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, chiropractors etc. You can also go into prophylactic or medical treatment into one of the spa and health resorts in the area.
After you have communicated your wishes and expectations we will draw up a preliminary estimate of costs. After consultation with your medical specialist we will prepare a detailed cost schedule containing the cost of your local transportation, accommodation, your chosen leisure activities and your medical treatments.
Since insurance costs differ from country to country, the client pays them himself, according to his insurance plan.
The cost schedule is created individually and includes: local transportation, the chosen medical treatments, leisure activities etc.
Some treatment costs may be partially or entirely paid by the medical insurance company. This has to be settled with the medical insurance company before starting the treatment.
Yes. We translate from Polish to German and/or English and from German and/or English to Polsih
Whether you can to travel locally by car or public transportation is entirely up to you. Of course we will accompany you, so there is no danger of you getting lost. Public transportation is of good standard and allows you to experience everyday live in Poland and of course it is cheaper.
For a longer stay we recommend you a nice apartment (40 m2) with a balcony on the south side. It is fully furnished (TV, internet, fridge, oven, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine with tumble dry, vacuum cleaner, air conditioning) It is suited for 3-4 persons. You can cook in the well-equipped kitchen or visits the restaurant in the same building. The building also houses a bakery and a foodstore. Close by is a park where you can relax. Should you prefer a hotel, we will help you choose the right one.
Wroclaw has something for everybody: may it be local micro breweries for beer fans, good regional cuisine or concerts, opera, cinema for culture lovers or tourist and historic sightseeing tours in the city. We will accompany you to the activities of your choice.
Tooth bleaching (lamp) starts at 1000 zl.Toot jewelry from 200 zl. Dental implants from 3000 zl. Fat transplants to the hands from 4000 zl. The listed prices are examples from 2016. The individual price is calculated after consultation with your medical specialist. For clients from abroad we suggest you check current exchange rates.


If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us, we will help you.